Tregunter Park Estate

The Rise and Fall of the Tregunter Park Estate

For many years Tregunter House was a famous landmark of Talgarth.
Peter Gunter was awarded land North-West of Talgarth, now known as Tregunter, by Bernard de Newmarche, the Norman who conquered Brecknock in 1093. The estate remained in the family until Thomas Harris bought Tregunter in 1765, transforming it into a three storeyed mansion. Thomas was a brother to Joseph, Assay Master to the Royal Mint, and Howell, the renowned Methodist preacher. Thomas had made his fortune as a regimental tailor in London.  In 1782 his niece Anna Maria, daughter of Joseph and wife of Samuel Hughes inherited Tregunter;
Anna Marie and Eliza Hughes, were the next to inherit Tregunter in 1814. Anna Maria remained a spinster whilst Eliza firstly married Roderick Gwynne of Buckland, who died two years later in 1806, remarrying in 1818 to William Madocks. William was the creator of Tremadoc and Port Madoc in North Wales.
Eliza Anne Ermine, daughter of Eliza,married twice, her second husband being John Webb Roche. Their son, Francis Roche inherited Tregunter from his grandmother (Eliza Maddocks) at the age of five . Francis was active in promoting Talgarth as a thriving agricultural town and was Colonel to F Co of the Territorial Army. He died in 1897 and his brother died two years later; both were childless. As a result various people leased Tregunter, until it was sold in 1914 to Mr Gordon from London. In 1916 he sold all the estate apart from the house. No buyer could be found for the house and eventually it was demolished circa 1924.