The Radnor Arms

The Radnor Arms – Talgarth

Talgarth has a long history and some of that history is reflected in its buildings, many of which have interesting stories to reveaL

One of these is the house known as The Radnor Arms, which, as the name suggests, was once a public house. When, the railway was a feature of the town in the 19th and 20th centuries, with its marshaling yards and nearby brew house, the Radnor Arms was a favourite haunt for many. However, studies of archive material at Aberystwyth show that a ‘Hall House’ once stood on the site in the early 14th century. As a ‘Hall House’ the property would have belonged to a local squire or dignitary.

It is believed that the door which is now at the rear of the property, is the original front door of the Hall House. Indeed, what is now the rear of the house was in fact the front of the Hall House.  The fire place in the main room of the house is also thought to be original.

In what is now the rear garden, there is a ‘mounting stone’, a large stone which was used to assist people mounting and dismounting their horses as they arrived or departed the Hall House. Some of the original cobbled yard is also clearly visible in the garden.

The internal wall dividing the main room from an adjoining living room is wooden and believed to have been taken from timbers of a galleon of the sixteenth or seventeenth centuries. The Old Radnor Barn, a private residence offering high quality B&B ,which stands to the rear of The Radnor Arms, would once have been the main barn to the Hall House.