The Cider House

The Cider House of Talgarth

Herefordshire is renowned for the growing of apples and pears for the production of cider and perry, but the grounds of a number of properties in Talgarth were once used, in small and large part, to grow apples to be sold for conversion into cider. Some, now residential homes, were once pubs  selling the cider, but one property went even further and operated both a pub and a cider house, producing its own cider on site. This property is located along ‘The Bank‘  between the town square and St Gwendoline’s Church.

An extra wide front door offers a clue that this property was not always purely a residential home. Casks of cider would have been rolled across the road from the ‘Cider House’ and into the property when it operated as pub. The house has a vaulted cellar, the entrance of which is directly opposite the front door so the casks could be rolled into the house/pub and straight into the cellar.

Adjacent to the house is a double garage, but once two cider workers’ cottages stood there, whilst a further six cottages were located in the grounds of the Cider House and orchard opposite. Indeed the remains of the fireplaces of six cottages can still be seen in the grounds of the old Cider House. The smallness of the cottages is indicated by the distance between the fireplaces but the scale of the cider house operation was clearly impressive as indicated by the fact that at least eight workers were employed in the cider making.