WW1 Project

womens-land-army-poster When the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) invited applications for funding to research the impact of WW1 on local communities of Wales members of Talgarth & District Historical Society responded to the invitation. We are very grateful for the financial support provided by HLF in making this project and the resulting publication possible. At the time of writing (July 2016) the project is coming to a conclusion and the resulting book will be published by the end of the year.

Much material has been gathered, not all of it relating to the specific years of the war, and  thus has not included in the book. However, the information is of interest in the general historical context of Talgarth and the website  allows us to present a slightly more comprehensive account of the context  of some of the issues and topics covered by the book; e.g.  Talgarth School where we discuss on the website its origins dating back to 1870..

We hope our research provides an insight into life in Talgarth during the years of WW1. For those who were born and raised in Talgarth we hope our work provides some of the answers in envisaging life in Talgarth during this horrendous passage of time. For those who know Talgarth less well or who are visitors, we hope our work offers an insight into life in this beautiful part of the world, but set at a time when the notion of beauty, whether relating to place or people, was a contested notion across Europe and beyond.

womens-land-army-posterResearching a subject or time period that lies some way distant in the past means that one’s endeavours are heavily dependent upon the quality of one’s information sources. The passage of time has taken those with first hand experience of the period and first hand accounts in newspapers, books articles and films are themselves incomplete. However, we are grateful to the sources we have been able to use, including the records of the town and parish councils of Talgarth and Hay-on-Wye, the Archive Office at Powys County Council, the National Library of Wales and its archive of newspapers (all on-line) as well as the books and journals referenced in the text. We are also extremely grateful to those who gave of their time to discuss family stories and their memories of those who lived during thieturbulent period of history. However, there will no doubt be those who, on reading this book and the material on this website, will be able to offer further insights into our understanding of WW1 and its impact on the people and place of Talgarth. As we become aware of these new understandings we will publish these on the Society’s website.

If there is anything you would like to add, query or merely comment upon please do so via the facility provided. We look forward to hearing from you.